DSCN0896Talented, independent to the core, tough as a chunk of coal, grinding hard, praying and thinking always of that community quilt of family and friends all sums up the wild and wonderful spirit of the crazily carved mountain state of West Virginia. Those words tattoo well what makes up the marrow of one of its native hip hop sons, Huntington’s David “2Wop” Wade.

After 30 months in prison from 2007 to 2009 on drug charges, 2Wop has been eyes wide open — ears in the headphones, mic in the zone, and hand on the phone.   Here in West Virginia, the bottle cap of the South, Wade’s Self Made Recordz/Grind Hard Muzik Group/Entertainment has been pushing the pace of the game for himself, his brother, Dominque “D3” Wade and others. All  combined with soul-bared West Virginia  flavor and Southern savor.

Stretching out, 2Wop and D3 popped into the spotlight in November 2012 with a Hip Hop Weekly write-up shining a light on singles like “Clap Off,” (featuring Stuey Rock and Bigg Kutta), “Intro to Greatness,” and “I Kinda Like U,” featuring Duke Johnson and Dante Keeton), and all engineered by Jack Brown, who’s produced and recorded 2Chainz and whose vocals and beats are found on another song on the brothers’ new demo, “Careless.”
Unafraid to take a proverbial knife to his own heart and life, 2Wop wrote “Careless” as an apology to his mom for following the wrong footsteps and as a way to thank her for all her sacrifices she made, like pawning her jewelry to make sure her boys had everything they needed.

In 2013, 2Wop has continued to hone the game and pick up the pace dropping “Sideline Story” in April and recording a new CD, “Hooddream$ and Brightlight$,” being put out by his Grind Hard Musik Group with engineering assistance from Atlanta-based producer and engineer Jack Brown, best known for engineering 2Chainz’ No. 1 Billboard album, “Based on a T.R.U. Story.” 2Wop said the title cut really distills every person’s dream of tasting success “I named it hood dreams and bright lights because everybody who comes from Huntington or any average Joe has dreams when they’re coming from any rough environment of poverty and slow, I always had dreams of making it to the bright lights, the stage lights whether it was the NFL or the NBA, it was going to be bright lights and claps and that level of making it — success,” states 2Wop.

Wade’s single “Sideline Story” tells the cautionary tale of how he’s seen waves of people get drawn in and down by the drug culture.”This story is a story about how females are always chasing these guys with the fancy cars and the drug dealer image. In this she ends up getting caught in a drug raid and ends up in the situation. The second verse is about getting your life together and how you need to grind and work to get your money,”  he explains.

Chalking up more than 250,000 views on YouTube, 2Wop has showed video hustle and team playing muscle, teaming up with a range of producers like Jack Brown,  Zaytoven, Young Chop, Mike Will Made It, PK, and Platinum Sellers. Also sharing the mic with Trouble of DuctTape & Big Bank Black, Turk of Cash Money, BloodRaw, and upcoming tracks with even more great artists from across the country and from down the streets of home. It’s time to make way for hip-hop’s rising star, 2Wop.